Zombie Apocalypse - COMING SOON

$35.00/per Team

Find the antidote and save the world in this GPS escape game experience! We have seen the films and TV shows well it is finally happened. A virus has mutated and causes brain and biological changes to humans which leads to a zombie like state.

Select Number of Teams

An immersive city based treasure hunt perfect for families

Immerse yourself in a totally engaging experience where you must survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

Split between 5 specific missions. The more points you collect the greater your chance of survival.

Complete GPS activated You will explore the city to complete challenges and answer Zombie related trivia.

Collect the antidote before your time is up!

You are just a few clicks away from an amazing experience.

Select a location

Choose the location you want to play the game.

Purchase your ticket

Select the number of teams that will play the game.

Receive the ticket via e-mail and SMS

Following a purchase you receive a message via email and SMS to download our app and your game route.

Play the game

Go to the location and start playing whenever you want to.

Explore the city and save the day!

Spread over an area that will keep you and your team busy for up to 3 hours, our Zombie Apocaplyse game is a fantastic way to explore your chosen location.

Looking to fill an empty gap on a day trip ? This is a perfect solution for the whole family with challenges that all ages from 7 upwards can interact with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply choose a game, select a location and purchase the game. All our games work on both Android and iOS phones.

We recommend playing in teams of 4/5.

You will receive one login code per purchase for your device/s

Top tip – Make sure your device is fully charged before you start the game and you have a data pack.

Yes you will install the MooveGo app and this will be via the link in the email you receive that will download the app and the game. If you already have the app the link will just download the game.

Your time will run out at 3 hours.  The game is designed to last between 2-3 hours depending on how fast you want to complete the adventure!

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You should have received an email with these details on.  Please check your junk/spam folders.  If you still can not find it please send an email to hq@gpsgames.fun with your name, email address and details of the game you believe you have booked. 

All our games are different.  Most are designed to make them interesting and accessible for any age between 8 and 108.  However, some games are more appropriate for certain groups.  Please read the outline of each game above.

You should be fine.  However, if you are having issues you can email hq@gpsgames.fun and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

No issue you should be able to login using another phone and 

Do You Still Have Doubts?

Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.