A GPS Scavenger Hunt

GPS Scavenger

A scavenger hunt is an awesome way to explore, be active and be social.

But what if you add in some technology? Well then the experience just gets even better! Scores are tallied up automatically and you have a whole host of challenges:

  • Photo challenges
  • Video challenges
  • Trivia question
  • Puzzle
  • Picture Matching challenge
  • Word Matching challenge

Mix in the fact that you can really mix things up with challenges that can be done at any point, challenges where you have to go to a certain GPS location and challenges that can only be accessed by scanning the correct QR code the options are endless!

You may even need to avoid some virtual characters (such as ghosts or zombies) or risk loosing points. May be you may also get some additional points if you catch some pesky criminals.

GPS Games has created fun games ready to download in a city near you!

Great for any age 8-108, a GPS Scavenger Hunt is a great way to explore and be active with friends, family or colleagues.

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